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MP-TS3 TEMPERATURE SENSOR (For Cooling and Hot Box Use)

MP-TS3 TEMPERATURE SENSOR (For Cooling and Hot Box Use)

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The MP-TS3 has been designed for Cooling and Hot Box Use, this device has a 6 inch food grade probe that can be safely inserted into food items.

Now has an LCD Display and Multi Function Button.

Can be set up in the application as a timed sensor, meaning it only sends reads when it is active.

With a sensitive temperature response of ±0.5 °C and a wide temperature range of -55 to +155 °C, it is the perfect sensor for hot box and Bain Marie temperature monitoring as well as time-temperature recording applications.

WARNING: The Sensor Box MUST NOT BE PLACED IN A HOT BOX OR BAIN MARIE this may cause damage to the lithium battery. The probe end and cable (metal variant) is safe to place in hot areas up to 155°C

The built-in 3500mAh /3.6V battery gives up to 3 years of operation (depending on operating conditions). The Monitor Pro wireless temperature detection solution integrates seamlessly with Safe Food Pro’s Digital Food Control Plan software.




  • RF Frequency - 915Mhz
  • Modulation - Lora spread spectrum
  • Transmit Interval - As requred, default 15 mins
  • Battery (internal) - 1200mAh /3.6V
  • Battery Life - up to 3 years
  • Transmission Speed - 100kbps
  • Transmission Range - Up to 400m
  • IP Level - IP66
  • Net Weight - 135g
  • Dimensions - 106mm x 57mm x 33mm
  • Temperature Range: -40 °C to a maximum of +125 °C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5 °C
  • Connectivity (required) - MP-WH2 Wireless Hub or LTE Hub. 
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